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When Upperception Sounds was founded the mission was plain and simple: Deliver the best audio design to maximize the impact of the client’s pictures. The roots of Upperception Sounds lie in the soundscapes of sports as we have always been fascinated by the dynamics and power of the human body. Sound is emotion and we believe that the right music or sound design can move anything and anyone. 


We believe that sound is the deciding factor of how motion pictures are perceived. Because the power of sound is still widely underrated this is your ace in the sleeve to make your production special and whole. Upperception Sounds is more than just a jukebox or database to pick music or sound effects from – we would love to bring in all our knowledge and experience to make your production as individual and effective as possible. Everything we do, we do out of passion – and we would like to invite you to be part of it.


Roman Schoenbichler started with music at the tender age of four, expanding his knowledge ever since. When the recorder became boring the guitar took its place to come closer to the heavy-metal gods Roman was worshipping in his early childhood. When the piano and keyboard joined the instrument-family at age 11 the music experienced changes too.

Shortly after composing became the main focus the digital age brought new tools and at the age of 17 a collaboration with a professional studio started. Infected with the idea of possibilities he went to Salzburg to study audio at the University of Applied Sciences where he graduated with distinction.

During his studies he met many people in need of Sound Design for their film endeavours and subsequently  Upperception Sounds was born. The idea was to establish an all-in-one solution for audio services that can not only provide everything sound but also deliver quality.

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